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Your timetable of compulsory classes will be straightforward. You will either be a ‘morning student’ in class between 9am and 1pm, or an ‘afternoon student’ in class between 2pm and 6pm.

You will be given your timetable before you begin your studies. In most cases your timetable will remain fixed throughout each academic year to make it easier to organise your life while you’re a student.

Attendance at campus on Wednesdays won’t be compulsory, but you will have remote and/or online learning activities to engage with fully. Wednesdays also provide opportunities to get extra support or do voluntary work, train in your chosen sport or look for additional career enhancement activities.

Please be aware that we endeavor to match this approach for all students at all levels. However, for those joining the Foundation or Integrated Year some classes may take place outside your allocated morning or afternoon session.

Weekly timetable
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