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Sports brands and teams need creative professionals to communicate their key messages


From advertisements to political messages, marketing schemes to cultural critiques and scholarship, every day, we produce and consume hundreds – sometimes thousands – of messages. Together these messages influence our understanding of ourselves and relationships with others. In a world dominated by filter bubbles and echo chambers, it is now more important than ever to understand how the media works and how it can influence us.

Do you aspire to work in the promotion, marketing and communication fields within the sports sector and associated industries (apparel, lifestyle and fitness brands)? The world’s leading sports brands and teams need creative professionals to communicate their key messages through digital media. This course will give you the key skills and practical expertise to plan, create and reflect on digital communications that are the lifeblood of contemporary society.

If so, this course is for you. Dedicated to the study of the professional communication industries, you will learn how to analyse and produce engaging content to fulfil a specific purpose.

All UA92 degrees are awarded by Lancaster University.



  • 2 - 4 Years


  • September
  • November†
  • January


  • Manchester

You can complete your degree in as little as two years, depending on your starting point and study preference. For example:

  • Standard degree – three years to complete*
  • Accelerated degree – two years to complete*
  • Foundation with standard degree – four years to complete
  • Foundation with accelerated degree – three years to complete

†Not applicable for two year accelerated degree

*Entry via Integrated Year One or direct entry. Accelerated route for this degree will commence from September 2022


While engaging with this degree you will gain theoretical understanding of the topics you are exploring, you will also have opportunities to learn, develop and demonstrate a wide range of practical and applied skills and competencies.

Assessments will include individual and group work submissions, often using the state-of-the-art Media Lab on campus. These will include case studies, essays, reports, literature reviews, reflective logs and diaries, self and peer evaluations, group and individual presentations along with subject-specific skills and competency assessment.

You will also go on a personal development journey. From leadership to resilience and effective team working – it’s all covered by our Target Talent Curriculum.

> Entry Point - Foundation Modules
  • Academic and English Skills
  • Introduction to Numerical Techniques
  • Introduction to Research
  • Introduction to Media and Communications
> Entry Point - Year 1 Modules
  • Media, Technology and Culture
  • Media Production
  • Communication Techniques and Creating Content
  • Sports Media and Public Relations
  • Interactive Learning and Communication Skills (Integrated Year One only)
Year 2 Modules
  • Integrated Sports Marketing Communication
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Media Narratives
  • Politics, Power and Communication
Year 3 Modules
  • Sports Media: Professional Practices
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Project
Integrated Year One

Designed for international students, this entry point will develop a greater understanding of the skills you will need to develop in order to successfully and confidently progress with your UK degree.

The additional module has been designed to help students develop their academic literacy, and research and communication skills in preparation for undergraduate study. The areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening will be covered. The Integrated Year One will also help students understand the institutional culture, practices and core terminology of UK higher education.

Integrated Year One students will study all academic modules with direct Year One entrants. Additional support and guidance, designed for international students, will also be provided.

The Integrated Year One accepts students with a lower academic level than the standard Year One.

Industry Connections

Students will regularly enjoy guest lectures and masterclasses, often from industry professionals currently working within the creative media industries. Student assignment work is regularly supported by advice from professional journalists, broadcasters and marketing experts. UA92 Journalism, Media and Communication students can expect enlightening visits to MediaCity, ITV News, sporting events and even a bespoke session with Gary Neville about his broadcasting career.

It is also hugely important to focus on the freelance and flexible nature of work in this sector, therefore working with respected freelance journalists and new marketing and design agencies will help you understand the exciting possibilities available in this sector.  Students will get to work closely with marketing, PR and advertising agency contacts to work on live briefs and will get the opportunity to present back to industry specialists who will critique their pitches.

Further industry connections are built through the Character and Personal Development modules within the Target Talent Curriculum. Students work on projects set by a range of partners and undertake placements which build on their subject discipline.


Foundation (One Year)

2021/22: £13,500

Degree (Per Year)

Integrated Year One: £15,500 (followed by standard degree fee for Year 2 and 3)

Standard three-year degree: £14,045 (per year)

Accelerated two-year degree: £21,067.50 (per year)

UA92 Global is delighted to offer a 2021 fee discount of £2000 (deducted from fees displayed above) to International Foundation and Integrated Year One applicants from specific countries. Read more.

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