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Develop your passion for movement and exercise...


This course will help further develop your passion for movement and exercise, expanding your knowledge of the impact of sports and exercise on the human body, both mentally and physically.

You’ll gain the skills and confidence to take on a range of sporting roles in the future. Whether you dream of becoming a coach to young people who aim for professional sporting careers, an inspirational mentor to adults who want to get physically active, or strive to make physical exercise more accessible, this is the course for you.

A unique combination of theory and practice will empower you to:

  • Understand how young people and adults engage with sport and exercise.
  • Support people to engage in new health and sports activities.
  • Develop your skills in teaching, coaching and mentoring.
  • Gain practical skills using the cutting-edge technology based in our Human Performance Hub.
  • Develop your thinking and build presentation skills as you analyse the issues in sports education today.
  • Gain professional qualifications alongside your degree.
  • Develop practical experience whilst working within the field of physical education.

All UA92 degrees are awarded by Lancaster University.



  • 2 - 4 Years


  • September
  • November†
  • January


  • Manchester

You can complete your degree in as little as two years, depending on your starting point and study preference. For example:

  • Standard degree – three years to complete*
  • Accelerated degree – two years to complete*
  • Foundation with standard degree – four years to complete
  • Foundation with accelerated degree – three years to complete

†Not applicable for two year accelerated degree

*Entry via Integrated Year One or direct entry


While engaging with this degree you will gain theoretical understanding of the topics you are exploring, you will also have opportunities to learn, develop and demonstrate a wide range of practical and applied skills and competencies.

Assessments will include individual and group work submissions and could be in the form of case studies, essays, reports, literature reviews, reflective logs and diaries, self and peer evaluations, group and individual presentations along with subject-specific skills and competency assessment.

You will also go on a personal development journey. From leadership to resilience and effective team working – it’s all covered by our Target Talent Curriculum.

> Entry Point - Foundation Modules
  • Subject to validation
  • Subject to validation
  • Subject to validation
  • Subject to validation
> Entry Point - Year 1 Modules
  • Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Introduction to Coaching Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to Teaching in Physical Education
  • Interactive Learning and Communication Skills (Integrated Year One only)
Year 2 Modules
  • The Practice of Teaching in Physical Education
  • Science and Practice of Coaching
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Inclusive Physical Education
Year 3 Modules
  • Project
  • Contemporary Issues in Physical Education and Sport
  • Outdoor and Adventurous Activities
  • Applied Teaching and Learning in Physical Education
Accelerated Option - Two Year Degree

To enable you to complete your degree and enter the world of graduate-work much faster, you will study 6 blocks of 6 weeks per year for 2 years. This is instead of studying the three-year standard structure of 4 blocks of 6 weeks per year.

Students choosing the two-year accelerated degree, will study all the modules outlined above but in a more condensed period.

The two-year accelerated degree is only available when commencing in the September or January intakes. When applying, please indicate that you wish to apply for this two year option.

Integrated Year One

Designed for international students, this entry point will develop a greater understanding of the skills you will need to develop in order to successfully and confidently progress with your UK degree.

The additional module has been designed to help students develop their academic literacy, and research and communication skills in preparation for undergraduate study. The areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening will be covered. The Integrated Year One will also help students understand the institutional culture, practices and core terminology of UK higher education.

Integrated Year One students will study all academic modules with direct Year One entrants. Additional support and guidance, designed for international students, will also be provided.

The Integrated Year One accepts students with a lower academic level than the standard Year One.

Industry Connections

Students will take part in regular Insight Days to Salford City FC, where they will interact with coaching and backroom teams, and learn from industry experts. Practical understanding across the different module areas will be brought to life by guest speakers and experts in areas such as sports psychology and biomechanics. Networking sessions and events will take place with sports industry contacts and placements at organisations such as Greater Sport and Trafford Leisure will be available to students in year 3 of study. Through our partner contacts, students will learn a deep understanding of the sports industry, and the importance of health and well-being across the sector.

Further industry connections are built through the Character and Personal Development modules within the Target Talent Curriculum. Students work on projects set by a range of partners and undertake placements which build on their subject discipline.

The facilities and venues in the Trafford area of Manchester provides UA92 students with the possibility to enjoy sport in some of the best venues in the world, with many also offering volunteering and paid work opportunities alongside your studies and long-term graduate careers. A number of our current students work as Football Coaches for Foundation 92 alongside their studies.


Foundation (One Year)

2021/22: £13,500

Degree (Per Year)

Integrated Year One: £15,500 (followed by standard degree fee for Year 2 and 3)

Standard three-year degree: £14,045 (per year)

Accelerated two-year degree: £21,067.50 (per year)

UA92 Global is delighted to offer a 2021 fee discount of £2000 (deducted from fees displayed above) to International Foundation and Integrated Year One applicants from specific countries. Read more.

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